DAS international Pty. Ltd. is a Lighting Design and Multi Media Consultancy based in Brisbane, Queensland with associate offices in Kuala Lumpur, specializing in Creative Lighting and Audio Visual Design Services for any size project.

DAS international Pty. Ltd. design Creative Lighting Systems, Audio Visual and Multi Media Systems which compliment the clients, architects and interior designers' concepts. This way, we are able to help create the desired environment through lighting, sound and control.

We have international connections, being involved in several projects overseas, and keep up with the latest trends in design and product information by attendance at international lighting and audio visual fairs.

The area of lighting and audio visual services is advancing at an increasing rate. A wide variety of products, systems continually enter the market. As the range of equipment continues to expand and the nature of existing technology changes, we are presented with alternative solutions previously unavailable. By keeping abreast of these changes we are able to offer a comprehensive service that includes the latest technology.

DAS international Pty. Ltd. has advanced into the growing industry of Automated Environments. There’s a wide variety of audio, video, and environmental systems’ electronics available, and the list grows everyday. So do the number of remotes that control them. DAS international designs and supplies specialized control systems that integrate the functions of these systems. From a single control panel we can design a system to command your environment, such as lighting, audiovisual, temperature settings, and security systems. We provide a consultancy presenting complicated control scenarios in a clear fashion and integrating them into the required environment. DAS international Pty. Ltd. covers the entire spectrum of communication needs, from corporate boardrooms and training centres to video teleconferencing; home theatre control and complete residential automation.

DAS international Pty. Ltd. uses its design experience and product knowledge to provide a unique product while working to budget. Many projects have improved their marketability and success based on good design by our Directors and in most cases not necessarily at a premium to the client or developer.

DAS international offers a wide range of services including the following:

  • Initial establishment of a Design Brief with the client and architect
  • Development of Design Concepts & Design Development documentation, including multi media presentations e.g. Computer generated imaging and video.
  • Budget estimates.
  • Attendance at design meetings.
  • Preparation of complete design and documentation including drawings and specification. Drawings may be produced in-house using AutoCAD if required.
  • Email and Internet network services available.
  • Tender appraisal and recommendation of suitable contractors.
  • Supervision during construction and administration of contract.
  • Commissioning and setting up of installation and control systems.
  • Final inspection and recommendations for practical completion of project.
  • Turn key package available for the design, supply and installation of the Audio Visual and Lighting Systems.